Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The importance of art in the development of child

“Childhood memories can’t be taken away from you”

Some days I wish I could go back in my life, not to change anything but to feel the same thing again ....

Importance of art in the development of child


After doing research on lot of topics related to art that how art can be helpful in developing kids .

This is my first blog post writing about art mostly I post pictures of my art only....
Art helps in thedeveloping motor skills of kids

Many of the motions involved in making art , such as holding a 🎨 brush , crayon, ✏️ colors or just scribbling with them , 
     Are very essential in early stages of child, they explore by scribbling crayons they use their imagination , they try out different colors, patterns and shapes or just lines 
with different color.

They learn to create something with their own imaginative world
Around age 3 child should include drawing like straight line, slanting line , horizontal line, some shapes such as circle , square and rectangle and triangle

It is very important to learn those shapes nowadays there are many actives or art they can use to draw something 
Below are some of the examples 

Around age 4 children may be able to draw all shapes properly with the help and guidance of someone. Many preschool activities emphasize on using scissor skills because it develops hand exercise for writing.

Language development

What kind of art and crafts should you do.

The types of art you develop into your child’s life are depend upon several factors such as bathe first and foremost important point to remember is thier interest whether they are interested in learning different forms of art or any particular art,

A few good arts and crafts projects to try out with your child Rae 

1 creating cards : they love to create varieties of cards on different occasions to give them as a gift to teachers , friends etc

2. Painting 

3 scrapbook they love to create thier memories into something creative way and scrapbook I the best place to create and make memories

4. Take some theme based topics and grab some supplies according to that and give them so that they can create something new and innovative

5. The idea behind each craft is to work on developing thier feeling, thinking skills and thie own creative world what’s going on in their mind and they can see the work through thier art by exploring them on paper

They lear to lead  a project and complete a project with your help with fun filled activities


Decision making

It help them in making decisions to draw and explore ....

I hope you like my article these are just some tips about the importance of art in development
More articles tutorials , are planning to write ....

Let me know any specific topics related to art and keep your little ones busy and explore new things through the art