Sunday, May 15, 2016

my latest creations- bottles not empty

My latest creations
Bottles not empty
I am planning to use all my old bottles into new look
Yes I Inspired by Meenakshi designs on Facebook
I thought to do this art and it really fun to do hope I will do my best next time

This is the chili sauce bottle which I washed it properly and then paint it with black acrylic paint.
After that first coating of paint dry I apply the second coating and than let it dry

once it dry I make a dot flower all over the bottle and it looks really  nice
This is my own imagination but Idea from bottles not empty/Meenakshi design
yes bottles are not empty we can create something and give a new look to bootles

Feeling satisfied with the work
I hope you all will like my work.Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.........

Below is my work