Sunday, January 3, 2016

craft challenge for me

Craft challenge for me

Dear readers

Below is a list of 50 craft challenges which I want to make this month:

1. origami star of david
2.kusudama flower wall hanging
3.origami Alegria
4.paper leaves
5.paper butterfly
6. dahlia origami
7. paper dahlia
8. origami sunrays
9. ballerina
10.origami modular bookmark
11.scrapbook star card
12. scrapbook waterfall card
13.origami heart box
14.scrapbook stand up album
15.Triangle gift box
16.heart card super easy
17.pillow gift box
18.spoon clock
19.icecream stick wall hanging scrapbook album
22.Diy heart for valentine
23.letter folding heart for valentine
24 3d origami diamond pattern flwoer vase
25. 3d origami flower bowl
26. bookmarks monster
27. post it note holder(3)
28. canvas dahlia flower wall hanging(2)
29.origami butterfly different colors
30.origami lotus wall hanging
31.paper quilling flower(5)
32. Tissue paper flower lavender (2) different colors white and lavender
33.paper origami bow
34.origami photo frame
35.origami roses(version1)
36 paper roses
37. paper origami soccer ball
38.paper star
39.paper lily flower
40.explosion box card
41.triangle box card
42.awesome invite deal(pinterest arts and craft)
43.origami hexagon boxes
44.origami rainbow box
45.origami carrot gift box
46.origami snowflakes(3)
47.origami buttonhole flower
48.origami rose(version2)
49.paper spiral flowers
50.origami diamond

Anu's paper craft : Origami Lotus

Anu's paper craft : Origami Lotus: Origami Lotus **************************************************************************** Thanks for stopping by my blog

 Anamika ...

Origami Lotus

Origami Lotus

Thanks for stopping by my blog