Tuesday, August 16, 2016

my latest project

I am back again with my latest design Madhubani lady -morning glory picking flowers from tree

This is the art which inspires me a lot as more and more I learn about Indian folk art and i am getting crazy to know more and draw more and more

By past few days busy with household chores/daughters activities and on vacation to niagra falls
an awesome experience one must visit this place ,enjoyed a lot this was the best place i have ever seen

really really enjoyed a lot and now back to home sweet home and again on vacation to washington DC
Soon start my travel diary, my cooking journey and my art and craft page
launching soon my website with weebly.com
update you with my etsay shop products and price too as I am working on price details

launching soon more products of quilling like jwellery , hairbands hairpins frames pencil toppers, candle holders keychains , quilled cards, wuilled rakhis, pots and showpiece , quilled dolls and many other items related to quilling

ribbon hairband
loom band bracelets and many other activities I am planning to do but require lot of time management

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