Saturday, August 6, 2016

madhubani lady book cover

Madhubani lady book cover

hi dear wonderful readers as I was busy for past few days. So many things going on and on in laws came here for visit masti travel in new jersey etc meeting relatives/freinds and much more...
other thing my daughter has holidays and she makes me busy mumma i want to play with u
I want to go my freinds house, lets play teacher teacher and she is a teacher and i am a students hehehe
okie okie i will not give a brief description whats going on in my life ...
back to topic I was very inspired by (Preetys art world design ) every time she drew something different her designs, coloring etc I really like her art
Rashmi Art page

another for paper quilling I follow all the artists but my favorite are
shree creations a creative vision
Truptis craft
kunali sha paper tales
honeys paper quilling and images on pinterest
for drawing i follow art reflection group on facebook it really help me a lot

rashmi art page (
for cards and gift box I  follow Rajnis craftivity i really like the way she explains

Indian folk art
madhubani lady with madhubani borders